Scarletred Holdings

SCARLETRED is a MedTech company transforming the global dermatology market. Our CE approved medical device platform Scarletred®Vision is the first AI powered skin image analysis software supplied to Biopharma, Health Care and Cosmetics Industry enabling to develop better products much faster.The patented technology facilitates standardized skin documentation and remote tracking via mobile App. Images can […]


eMurmur is a technology partner to the global healthcare community specializing in advanced digital auscultation. Supporting heart, lung, and bowel health screenings, the company seeks to elevate the practice of auscultation in every interaction. 

PhagoMed GmbH

At BioNTech we understand that every cancer patient’s tumor is unique and therefore each patient’s treatment should be individualized. To pioneer the next generation of patient-specific immunotherapies, we have combined ground-breaking research with cutting-edge technologies to develop therapeutics for cancer and beyond. Our broad and synergistic suite of platforms, which include mRNA therapeutics, engineered cell […]

DegRx / Proxygen

Proxygen is a Vienna-based startup that develops therapies against cancer and other life-threatening diseases by reprogramming the cellular protein quality control system. We are focused on particular small molecules called “molecular glue degraders” which mediate recruitment of a disease-causing protein to a ubiquitin ligase. Consequently, the target protein is ubiquitinated and directed to the proteasome […]