NovaSight vision is to prevent pediatric vision loss by bringing together the power of eye-tracking and AI technologies. Our disruptive solutions for screening and treatment of common childhood vision impairments are specially designed for the unique needs and attention spans of children. 

Healium Medical

Healium Medical is focused on advancing atrial fibrillation treatment with an innovative no-contact guided ablation technology allowing simultenuous tissue ablation and lesion monitoring.The company operates out of Alon Medtech Ventures ( in Yokneam, Israel, and have demonstrated its proof-of-concept in an animal model.

Minovia Therapeutics

Minovia Therapeutics is a clinical-stage international biotechnology company, established in hopes to bring life changing therapies to patients with Mitochondrial diseases, as fast as responsible.Following compassionate use cases performed in Sheba Medical hospital in Israel, using our proprietary Mitochondrial Augmentation Therapy, Minovia is now conducting the first of its kind clinical trial for Pearson syndrome, […]

Edity Therapeutics

Edity is an Israel-based company developing a novel delivery platform that uses immune cells to transfer therapeutic proteins to the target cells of patients. Their technology allows for precise modulation of intracellular pathways of disease using a range of proteins including gene editors, immune sensors, enzymes and intrabodies.