Neuroelectrics® is a digital brain health company that innovates at the intersection of neuroscience, physics, machine learning, and hardware. We have developed wireless EEG and tDCS/tACS/tRNS stimulation devices with up to 32 channels, amongst other products encompassing software and research services, with the purpose of monitoring and enhancing brain health.


MiWEndo Solutions is developing MiWEndo, a medical device that integrates microwave technology with colonoscopy in order to improve the prevention, diagnosis and knowledge of colorectal cancer.MiWEndo automates the detection of polyps by emitting an alarm when a polyp is detected, increases the field of vision to 360º and provides a quantitative classification of the tissue […]


INNITIUS is a Spanish Startup focused on Enhancing Diagnostics for Women’s Health. The company develops medical devices (Hardware + Software) which combines a novel technology (Torsional Waves) with Artificial Intelligence for the diagnosis of pathologies with an associated change in a woman’s cervical tissue consistency.


Aortyx is a pioneer company focused on developing new medical devices for vascular repair. Their first product is a bioabsorbable patch to treat aortic dissections.

Onena Medicines

Onena Medicines is a biopharmaceutical company with a pipeline of first-in-class antibody medicines to treat recurrent and metastatic cancers and selected rare diseases. Onena has developed a propr…