HemostOD engineers and manufactures platelets to unlock their potential in indications such as thrombocytopenia, tissue-targeted cargo delivery, and regenerative medicine.


SensArs treats chronic neuropathic pain and reduces movement disability due to sensory loss by highly selective peripheral nerve stimulation


Epios develops long-term and minimally invasive brain monitoring and therapeutics for personalized management of neuro-disorders, such as epilepsy. 


Simulatory is a swiss company that develops simulation products to provide advanced surgical training and education. Its first product is VRspine that focused on spinal endoscopy.


OncoGenomX is a prediction software company known for its revolutionary approach to individualized drug-tumor matching, with the mission to end under- and overtreatment of patients, avoid unnecessary costs, and minimize the risk of failure and liability.

Tolremo Therapeutics

TOLREMO was founded on pioneering expertise in non-mutational drug resistance to deliver a new wave of resistance-preventing precision therapies to patients with cancer. Our proprietary drug discovery engine enables the identification of novel drug resistance regulators and the development of small molecule therapies against these promising drug targets. TOLREMO’s therapies aim to complement standard cancer […]


InCephalo develops exclusively local treatments for neurological diseases, with a focus on cancers in the brain (primary brain cancers as well as secondary brain cancers). The proprietary Compartment Lock technology, also called C-Lock, retains biologics, that are applied locally behind the blood brain barrier, in the central nervous system (CNS) and once they leave the […]