Vishal Gulati

Founder and Managing Partner
Recode Ventures

Dr. Vishal Gulati Founder and Managing Partner at Recode Ventures, a specialist VC firm based in San Francisco and London, that backs founders who are recoding the world of health using emerging technology platforms. Specializing in Digital Health, Dr. Gulati previously served at DFJ Esprit, Europe’s leading Silicon Valley style Venture Capital firm with over $1b under management. Since 2012, Vishal has been a leading promoter of investments into the emerging Digital Health sector and Chairman of Digital Health Forum, which supports the best-in-class Digital Health companies to grow into global enterprises. Vishal serves on several boards including Horizon Discovery Group PLC (Cambridge, UK), a gene editing company; Fluidics Analytics (Cambridge, UK), a next gen protein discovery engine; Frameshift Healthcare Information Flow Platform (London, UK) and EcoEos (San Francisco, USA), a consumer genomics business. His previous investments include Napo Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark, Renovo and Phagenesis.