Vishal Gulati

Venture Partner
Healthtech VC

Dr. Vishal Gulati serves as a venture partner at Molten Ventures. Specialising in Digital Health, Dr. Gulati previously served at DFJ Esprit, Europe’s leading Silicon Valley style Venture Capital firm with over $1b under management. Since 2012, Vishal has been a leading promoter of investments into the emerging Digital Health sector and Chairman of Digital Health Forum, which supports the best-in-class Digital Health companies to grow into global enterprises. Vishal serves on several boards including Horizon Discovery Group PLC (Cambridge, UK), a gene editing company; Fluidics Analytics (Cambridge, UK), a next gen protein discovery engine; Frameshift Healthcare Information Flow Platform (London, UK) and EcoEos (San Francisco, USA), a consumer genomics business. His previous investments include Napo Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark, Renovo and Phagenesis.