Neema Mayhugh

Founder and Managing Partner of Wave Strategy, Neema Mayhugh is a healthcare innovation expert who assists premier academic medical centers and biotechnology incubators in bridging the gap between research and product delivery. Dr. Mayhugh designs and executes a comprehensive strategy to take technology from bench to bedside — engaging partners, securing capital, and delivering desired […]

Nadeem Ishaque

Dr. Ishaque received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in December ‘90. Immediately after graduation he joined GE, where he played leadership roles in the Healthcare space including diagnostic imaging, molecular medicine, patient monitoring, digital solutions and life sciences. He retired from GE Healthcare in April, 2020 after nearly 30 years with […]

Laura Johnson

Dr Laura Johnson is a Berlin-based, freelance advisor and early stage venture builder. She comes from a background of academic medicine and a career in healthcare innovation. She has 16 years experience bringing corporate innovation to market and translating start-up innovation into clinical practice. Her personal focus is on studying how innovation works, or fails, […]

Kevin Johnson

Dr. Johnson is the Co-Director of FSU Neuromodulation and Research Faculty member of the FSU College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine. His overall career goal is to translate neuroscience and behavioral research into useful therapies. He has worked in areas of non-invasive brain stimulation, neuroimaging, sensory testing and consumer health technology; with applications […]

Haley Laken

Haley Laken, Ph.D. is a drug development strategy expert encompassing target identification through product approval. She is currently COO of Tabby Therapeutics, a company focusing on the broader applications of B cell technology in therapeutics and drug discovery, enabling healthcare professionals to treat diseases. Prior to that, she was the Senior Vice President of Program […]

Greg Dombal

Greg focuses on helping emerging companies navigate challenges in product development while establishing appropriate clinical, regulatory, and compliance structures. Greg represents clients to worldwide regulatory agencies and routinely functions as an on-demand Head of Regulatory, Clinical, or Development.  Greg pairs over 25 years’ experience in worldwide regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical development with a […]

Aman H. Bhatti

Dr. Bhatti is a physician, digital health futurist, and pharmaceutical executive focused on developing revolutionary technologies to increase healthcare accessibility, predict disease onset, prevent diseases and progression, and improve health outcomes worldwide. He is a firm believer in holistic digital healthcare practice that offer patients products and services that go beyond just treating their disease […]