Novus Diagnostics

Novus Diagnostics is developing ground-breaking diagnostics technologies to provide rapid answers right at the patient’s bedside. Their first product, SepTec, will help tackle the global challenge of sepsis which kills more than 11 million people annually. Their technology platform combines novel electrochemical sensors, centrifugal microfluidics, and automated sample processing and analysis to diagnose and characterize […]


HemostOD engineers and manufactures platelets to unlock their potential in indications such as thrombocytopenia, tissue-targeted cargo delivery, and regenerative medicine.

Fusix Biotech

Fusix Biotech develops a novel platform of cancer therapeutics that will revolutionize immune oncology

Sona Global

Sona Global is a group of surgeons, traumatologists, engineers, global health specialists, students, and innovators who believe that safe and high-quality trauma and orthopaedic surgery should be available to all people worldwide, regardless of country or context. They supply innovative devices that help surgeons provide essential trauma care to the poor and vulnerable. Their negative […]


Radialis delivers best-in-class organ-targeted positron emission tomography (PET) medical imaging systems designed for high-definition and low-dose applications in oncology, neurology, and cardiology. The company’s technology has ten times the efficiency for detecting radiotracer compared to traditional PET systems.

Refoxy Pharma

Refoxy Pharma is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing medicines for the treatment and prevention of aging and aging-associated diseases. FOXO proteins are transcription factor proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences and thereby control (turn on/off) the expression of genes in those regions. This ability allows transcription factors to modulate different biological processes. Refoxy […]


FoodMarble is developing the latest, most advanced digestive breath testing devices for people with SIBO, IBS and other digestive issues. Monitor your meals, stress, sleep and symptoms and test your fermentation level with personalized, real-time results.

Scarletred Holdings

SCARLETRED is a MedTech company transforming the global dermatology market. Our CE approved medical device platform Scarletred®Vision is the first AI powered skin image analysis software supplied to Biopharma, Health Care and Cosmetics Industry enabling to develop better products much faster.The patented technology facilitates standardized skin documentation and remote tracking via mobile App. Images can […]


NU-RISE develops nuclear radiation sensors and equipment for industry, research instrumentation and medical applications. NU-RISE initiated in-vitro trials of a new device for in-vivo and real-time dosimetry, solving the lack for radiation monitoring in prostate and breast brachytherapy.

Relevium Medical

Relevium Medical is a biopharmaceutical company with locations in Ireland and the US. We aspire to improve the lives of people with debilitating chronic pain conditions through creating superior treatments.