Azalea Vision

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Azalea Vision, a venture-capital-backed startup and spin-off from Imec and Ghent University, is creating a medical device with an active light management system inside a contact lens. People suffering from ocular disorders (aniridia, coloboma, ocular albinism, etc.) or neuro-ophthalmic conditions (chronicmigraine, etc.) will directly benefit from Azalea Vision’s smart contact lens.


SensArs treats chronic neuropathic pain and reduces movement disability due to sensory loss by highly selective peripheral nerve stimulation


Smart4Diagnostics closes the data gap between blood collection and lab analysis and enables a new quality standard for medical diagnostic decision making. We change preanalytics from a trust-based system into an evidence-based system. Our digital human sample fingerprint is a quantum leap forward for patient safety, the quality of medical decisions and lab testing efficiency. […]


NovaSight vision is to prevent pediatric vision loss by bringing together the power of eye-tracking and AI technologies. Our disruptive solutions for screening and treatment of common childhood vision impairments are specially designed for the unique needs and attention spans of children. 


Neuroelectrics® is a digital brain health company that innovates at the intersection of neuroscience, physics, machine learning, and hardware. We have developed wireless EEG and tDCS/tACS/tRNS stimulation devices with up to 32 channels, amongst other products encompassing software and research services, with the purpose of monitoring and enhancing brain health.


MiWEndo Solutions is developing MiWEndo, a medical device that integrates microwave technology with colonoscopy in order to improve the prevention, diagnosis and knowledge of colorectal cancer.MiWEndo automates the detection of polyps by emitting an alarm when a polyp is detected, increases the field of vision to 360º and provides a quantitative classification of the tissue […]


INNITIUS is a Spanish Startup focused on Enhancing Diagnostics for Women’s Health. The company develops medical devices (Hardware + Software) which combines a novel technology (Torsional Waves) with Artificial Intelligence for the diagnosis of pathologies with an associated change in a woman’s cervical tissue consistency.

Healium Medical

Healium Medical is focused on advancing atrial fibrillation treatment with an innovative no-contact guided ablation technology allowing simultenuous tissue ablation and lesion monitoring.The company operates out of Alon Medtech Ventures ( in Yokneam, Israel, and have demonstrated its proof-of-concept in an animal model.


Epios develops long-term and minimally invasive brain monitoring and therapeutics for personalized management of neuro-disorders, such as epilepsy. 


Aortyx is a pioneer company focused on developing new medical devices for vascular repair. Their first product is a bioabsorbable patch to treat aortic dissections.