HemostOD engineers and manufactures platelets to unlock their potential in indications such as thrombocytopenia, tissue-targeted cargo delivery, and regenerative medicine.

Fusix Biotech

Fusix Biotech develops a novel platform of cancer therapeutics that will revolutionize immune oncology

Refoxy Pharma

Refoxy Pharma is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing medicines for the treatment and prevention of aging and aging-associated diseases. FOXO proteins are transcription factor proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences and thereby control (turn on/off) the expression of genes in those regions. This ability allows transcription factors to modulate different biological processes. Refoxy […]

Lys Therapeutics

Lys Therapeutics is a biotechnology company pioneering a breakthrough approach to treat patients suffering from neurodegenerative or neurovascular disorders. Its main drug is a first-in-class monoclonal antibody, Glunozumab, displaying an exclusive and groundbreaking mechanism of action.

Sensible Biotechnologies

Sensible Biotechnologies is developing a cost-efficient and scalable platform for the production of high-quality mRNA to enable the next generation of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

Ochre Bio

Ochre Bio develops RNA therapies for chronic liver diseases, a leading cause of death globally. Privately held, Ochre Bio is situated within the heart of Oxford’s biotech innovation hub. 

Onena Medicines

Onena Medicines is a biopharmaceutical company with a pipeline of first-in-class antibody medicines to treat recurrent and metastatic cancers and selected rare diseases. Onena has developed a propr…

PhagoMed GmbH

At BioNTech we understand that every cancer patient’s tumor is unique and therefore each patient’s treatment should be individualized. To pioneer the next generation of patient-specific immunotherapies, we have combined ground-breaking research with cutting-edge technologies to develop therapeutics for cancer and beyond. Our broad and synergistic suite of platforms, which include mRNA therapeutics, engineered cell […]

Tolremo Therapeutics

TOLREMO was founded on pioneering expertise in non-mutational drug resistance to deliver a new wave of resistance-preventing precision therapies to patients with cancer. Our proprietary drug discovery engine enables the identification of novel drug resistance regulators and the development of small molecule therapies against these promising drug targets. TOLREMO’s therapies aim to complement standard cancer […]

Minovia Therapeutics

Minovia Therapeutics is a clinical-stage international biotechnology company, established in hopes to bring life changing therapies to patients with Mitochondrial diseases, as fast as responsible.Following compassionate use cases performed in Sheba Medical hospital in Israel, using our proprietary Mitochondrial Augmentation Therapy, Minovia is now conducting the first of its kind clinical trial for Pearson syndrome, […]