Lenio Bio

LenioBio is a life science biotech offering a disruptive protein expression technology. ALiCE® is the first eukaryotic cell-free protein expression platform that is scalable and changes the way proteins are produced today, across all industries. ALiCE® enables the discovery, development and production of difficult-to-express proteins.


InCephalo develops exclusively local treatments for neurological diseases, with a focus on cancers in the brain (primary brain cancers as well as secondary brain cancers). The proprietary Compartment Lock technology, also called C-Lock, retains biologics, that are applied locally behind the blood brain barrier, in the central nervous system (CNS) and once they leave the […]

Gedea Biotech

Gedea Biotech developes pHyph to treat and prevent recurrence of bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a very common condition with a prevalence of 10-30% for women of childbearing age. The symptoms can very disturbing and include an often profuse thin, white, “fishy” smelling vaginal discharge, in the absence of itching. Standard treatment consists of […]

Eligo Biosciences

Eligo Bioscience is a biotechology company that develops a new class of biotherapeutics for microbiome precision-editing. Eligo has a first-in-class proprietary platform to edit the microbiome gene repertoire in vivo.

Edity Therapeutics

Edity is an Israel-based company developing a novel delivery platform that uses immune cells to transfer therapeutic proteins to the target cells of patients. Their technology allows for precise modulation of intracellular pathways of disease using a range of proteins including gene editors, immune sensors, enzymes and intrabodies.

DegRx / Proxygen

Proxygen is a Vienna-based startup that develops therapies against cancer and other life-threatening diseases by reprogramming the cellular protein quality control system. We are focused on particular small molecules called “molecular glue degraders” which mediate recruitment of a disease-causing protein to a ubiquitin ligase. Consequently, the target protein is ubiquitinated and directed to the proteasome […]

Ayoxxa Biotech

AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH, based in Cologne (Germany), is an international biotech company focused on the development of its proprietary beads-on-a-chip technology for advanced protein analysis. LUNARIS™. AYOXXA’s innovative multiplex protein analysis platform is a fully integrated system designed for the parallel analysis of multiple biomarkers in picogram amounts of biological samples, allowing scientists to gain […]